What Is Discipleship?

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Discipleship Explained

While a disciple can be defined as a learner, a pupil, one who comes to be taught, an expanded list of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus will help in this journey to fulfill God’s plan for our lives.

  • 1. PROCESS by which we look like Jesus.

    This “look” changes over time as our soul is renewed on a daily basis.

  • 2. PRACTICE of putting on Jesus Daily.

    We must be aware that we are already in Christ now. Romans 13:14

  • 3. JOURNEY of growing in the character of Jesus.

    We are each called to the eternal journey of growing in God.

  • 4. LIFESTYLE of embodying the person of Jesus.

    The way I live…
    The way I think…

  • 5. POSTURE of reflecting Jesus.

    We will become what we behold, so this is why it is essential to spend time in His presence. A life posture of Worship.

  • 6. TRANSFORMATION to actually look like Jesus.

    This starts with an internal transformation where we are becoming like Jesus. We carry light and it radiates from our own character.

  • 7. EMBRACING the mission of Jesus.

    This is not just a private process, but rather what the Lord is doing in you is to effect others.
    1. The first part of discipleship is the transformation in me.
    2. The second part of discipleship is the transformation through me.

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