2017 – New Beginnings!

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We have entered into a new year! 2017. What an exciting time. Many are making new years resolutions in order to ensure that this year does not turn out like many years past. What are you doing today to ensure that this year will be the most incredible year to date?

As you grow both as an individual and in a relationship with the Lord, you will discover how important focusing on correct priorities plays an important part in achieving your goals. I challenge you this year to set goals in what I would consider the most important area of your life, your relationship with the Lord.

No matter how grown in the Lord we become, there is no relationship without a prayer life in the secret place and a disciplined study and growth in the Word of God. Set a goal this year to read and pray daily. This time that you commit to and follow through with will jump start you on fulfilling God’s plan for your life in 2017!

As you know, you are extremely valuable to the Lord and to us at GHOP! We want you to succeed in every area of life, and keeping your focus primarily on what is the most important thing will cause everything else to fall into place!

God bless you as you set and achieve every goal this 2017! This will be the best year yet!

In His Service,
Dane A Theriot

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